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Macron, the former investment banke▓r, came to power on May 14, 2017, he promised to get the

country out of weak growth, bring down rampant jobless rate and create more wealth.Half-way into his five year-term, economic activities in the eurozone's second m▓ain powerhouse hold up better than its▓ European neighbours and unemploymen▓t is down."The French economy is doing be▓tter. More work needed to be done but the government's economic policy already gives results," tweeted on Fri▓day Economy and Finance Minister B▓runo Le Maire.Macron had cut taxes on companies and inve

stors and eased lab▓or regulations to make hiring and firing


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easier to encourage recruitment. As a result, 540,000 new jobs have be▓en created since 2017,

while unemployment rate▓ hits 10-year low to 8.6 percent, government's data showed.Climate has changed enough in two years to make France a top destination for foreign investment in Europe, according to Ernst &; Young consulting firm.Amid high ▓concerns about the international trade dispute and Brexit impact, Fre▓nch economy, defying slowdown forecast, rose by 0.3 percent in the third quarter ▓of 2019 thanks to boosted domestic demand, data from national statistics institute Insee showed.The Organizatio▓n for Economic Cooperation and Development (


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OEC▓D) predicted in its last interim outlook that French economy would▓ expand by 1.3 percen

t this year, above 1.1-percent expected across the broade▓r eurozone thanks to "significant reform agenda."It said that if fully implemented Macron's reforms could boost GDP per capita by 3.2 percent at a 10-year horizon and would mostly benef▓it middle- and lower-income households in ▓the medium term.The rosy economic indicators see▓med to have boosted Macron's ambition to modernize the country and keep the economic momentum▓, but at the same time, his reform drive ignited domest

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nes▓ses, the French president had been changing labor code, injecting dynamism into public

services and institutions and reforming rail sector and education system, areas▓ where he was facing fierce opposition that drew thousands to the country's streets in addition to strikes.Up next on his agend▓a: reforming pension system, improving pu▓blic healthcare service and accelerating energy transition. But continued social unrest and accusations that he was ignoring w▓orkers, and being out of reach▓, likely to undermine his next reform push."I'm he▓re to continue to transform

the country, to make it progress. I do not want to move f

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